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"Chick-Fil-A doesn’t like gay people? So lame. Hate to think what they do to the gay chickens! Lost a loyal fan." — Ed Helms (of The Office and The Hangover) tweeted that he’s joining the anti-Chick-fil-A bandwagon. Woohoo! More.  (via gaywrites)

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Ed Helms to Release Debut Bluegrass Album  

Helms talks to THR about his Lonesome Trio band’s in-the-works album, playing this weekend’s Bluegrass Situation music fest in Los Angeles and why he supports TreePeople’s mission to green the city.


Also Ed has helped launch the  Bluegrass Situation blog. So visit if you love Bluegrass or are keen to find out more about it

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Ed Helms, Bill Hader join Mindy Kaling’s Fox comedy 

THREE big names have just signed on for guest roles in Mindy Kaling’s promising Fox comedy pilot. In the as-yet-untitled show, Kaling plays a Bridget-Jones type OB/GYN trying to navigate her personal and professional life. Here’s the scoop:

First, Kaling’s The Office co-star Ed Helms is in the show as a potential love interest. He’ll play Dennis, a Wall Street analyst who goes on a blind date with Kaling’s character Mira.


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Anonymous whispered, "I just read this about that film Ed was in talks to do with Steve Carell

For those who may not remember, Civil Warriors was a project first mentioned a few years back where Carell would co-star with Ed Helms and the two would play Civil War re-enactors who get sent back in time to the actual Civil War and must return home without altering history. I loved the concept but hadn’t heard anything about it for a while so I asked Carell about project’s current status:

CARELL: We just got a re-write on that. So that’s still be worked on. It’s a really funny premise and I would love to work with Ed again."

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Catch Ed on Wilfred! 

Tonight on FX @10pm!

Ed Helms comedy pitch bought by Warner Bros 


A source familiar with the project said it centers on a high-powered, workaholic father (Helms) who slips into a two-year coma after suffering through a horrific plane crash. Upon emerging from the coma, the once debonair man finds that he has undergone reconstructive facial surgery and looks nothing like his former self. He then must track down his family and reconnect with his former life.


Rob Pearlstein will write and direct “North” with Imagine Entertainment producing.


Helms’ profile is rising with his second turn as Stu in Warner Bros.’ “The Hangover: Part II,” in addition to his role on U.S. network NBC’s “The Office.” He also executive produced and starred in this year’s “Cedar Rapids,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.


Pearlstein has previously written for NBC’s “Medium.” He wrote and directed the short film “Our Time is Up,” which was nominated for an Oscar for live action short film in 2006.

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Ed Helms & Friends Live @Largo 

Description: Join Ed Helms (The Hangover, The Office) and very special guests for a hilarious evening at Largo!

Get your tickets HERE.

The Office Season 7 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on September 6, 2011 


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LA TIMES: Ed Helms says don’t expect a ‘Hangover 3’
Sorry, Ed.


LA TIMES: Ed Helms says don’t expect a ‘Hangover 3’

Sorry, Ed.

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WB developing Ed Helms project 

'True North' would cast the 'Hangover' star as a selfish talk-show host

Warner Bros. is looking to “True North,” developing a comedy-drama for Ed Helms with Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer producing.

Studio bought the pitch from Rob Pearlstein, centering on a selfish talk-show host whose plane crashes, putting him into a two-year coma. When he awakens, he finds that his appearance has been surgically altered and then tries to track down his family to reconnect with his former life.

Helms starred in both “Hangover” pics for Warners and in Searchlight’s “Cedar Rapids.” He also set up an untitled comedy in 2009 at Warners in which he would portray a Civil War re-enactor accidentally transported back in time.

Pearlstein has written episodes for “Medium” and “The Inside.” He also directed “Our Time is Up,” which was nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film.

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Apparently Ed’s reps have confirmed that he will not be joining J-Lo and Cameron Diaz in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. How many of you are glad he turned down the role? 


Cedar Rapids Blu-Ray Special Features: 

* Deleted scenes, 7 @ 7:19 minutes.
* Gag reel, 4:17 minutes.
* Convention Connection, 6 @ 13:19 minutes with a play all.
* Mike O Malley, Urban Clogger, 2:55 minutes.
* Tweaking USA, 6:13 minutes. A behind the scenes of what went into the party sequence.
* Crashing a Lesbian Wedding, 4:16 minutes.
* Top Notch commerical, 1:16 minutes.
* Director interview, 6:37 minutes, lodef.
* Writer interview, 6:47 minutes.
* Disc 2, digital copy.

"Cedar Rapids" Arrives on DVD!!!! 


Do yourself a favor and see one of the most hilarious films of the year. It will make you laugh from start to finish, and John C. Reilly, well, you may want to erect a shrine to his character.

The review: http://www.filmfracture.com/films/cedar_rapids

Or just buy it/rent it now and see for yourself:


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CEDAR RAPIDS out on Blu-ray/DVD and iTunes today! 

Ed Helms' face tattoo is staying in the movie! 

It’s about time people realized how rediculous it was to even think about removing it from The Hangover 2, but alas, the tattoo will be appearing on Ed’s beautiful face. :)